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Dogathon 2020

Entering the 34th SPCA’s annual charity dog walk “Dogathon” and its re-innovation, the theme for the first time this year will be “’12 Zodiac Animals Walk Together”. We have invited the PR ambassador of popular clothing brand ad-lib, “P Jai” the Shiba Inu, to dress up himself into the images of the 12 Zodiac Animals, symbolising the important responsibility of protecting all animals and striving for all animal lovers to take that important step for animals. Let us all hope that all animals will be in luck in the New Year and have happy and joyous homes!

This year’s Dogathon offers a different combination in several categories includes: an individual group, a family group and an organisation group. You can freely combine any person and dog to suit any individual, family, pet owner and doggie, or even a group of friends or organisation to participate. All participants are welcome to dress up as their own zodiac animals costume with P Jai the Shiba Inu, and ‘walk together in luck’ with thousands of doggies and kind-hearted people! The event venue also features a ‘Zodiac Blessing’ photo zone, so that you can leave the most beautiful memories for an unforgettable moment!

The Dogathon is not only a charity walk, but also a grand party that combines handicraft, creativity, play, and pet knowledge! At the 10th anniversary of the Dogathon at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, we have injected more vitality into the event and are preparing for a number of exciting programmes including: PET X Handicraft Market, SPCA Education Theatre, Woof & Bricks Art Walk, Agility Games, Dog Health Talk and the SPCA Charity Sale, so that every participant and participating doggie can have the time of their lives!

Each successful applicant and doggie will receive:

12 Zodiac Theme T-shirt


Upon completion of the charity walk, each participant and participating doggie will receive a commemorative ’12 Zodiac Lucky Pack’, which includes:

A limited edition medal


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Total Fund Raised

HK$ 26,275

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Each successful applicant and doggie will receive souvenirs. A special gifts for donors whose donation reaches designated amount. While stock lasts, the serving priority goes to participants who achieved a specific donation amount fist. SPCA(HK) reserves the right to the final decision. For details, please click here

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